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13th September 2022

UK Swiss Made Fake Patek Philippe Neptune ref. 5080 For Sale

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are certainly luxury replica watches uk out there that most of us would agree are not the prettiest. Before we move on, try to remember the ugliest watch you’ve ever seen, then read on to find out if it made our list of editors’ picks. If it didn’t, make sure to chime in with your pick in the comments!

Now, sometimes being ugly isn’t even a bad thing. My colleague Gerard thinks a Fiat Multipla is fun purely because it’s so ugly. But how about top super clone watches? Can the same sentiment apply? Let’s see what our editors have to say.

“Ugly watches” are certainly a thing. Certain brands in particular have designs that just won’t resonate with most watch lovers. Yet, the term does not come up often when it comes to brands like perfect replica Patek Philippe. Maybe it is due to the status of the company or because the designers at PP “can’t make a mistake”, and all their watches are just “works of art”. Well, I beg to differ. My pick, the AAA fake Patek Philippe Neptune 5080, is not a charming piece at all. There are so many things going on with that watch that I don’t even know where to start. The fake integrated-bracelet look is just awful.

Furthermore, the vertical stripe motif from the center links is also on the bezel creating this odd look. I find the Swiss made fake Patek Philippe‘s dial weird; the large numerals and the small inner minute scale are silly. And don’t even make me go into the little details like the contrast of raised silver Roman numerals and white minute scale on a black dial. Sorry, cheap copy Patek Philippe. This is a hard no for me.

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